Set Up A Zoho Connection

Webloytics allows for direct integration into Zoho to send leads in, and get status updates and ROI back out and into Webolytics. To do this, a safe connection to Zoho needs to be set up against the Vendor that is connecting to Zoho.

Setting up a Zoho Application

Before webolytics can be connected to Zoho, the user which will be used for the API connection will need to be defined. Create a new user, or request an admin user form your CRM Manager.

All Zoho Connect API's need to be authenticated using an OAuth token. Once the user has been verified you will need to obtain an OAuth token by registering your extension with Zoho's Developer Console at

zoho connection 1

Click on Add Client > Server-based Applications and give the following :

Client Name: Webolytics

Client Domain:

Authorized redirect URLs:

Once Finished, click “Create”

Zoho Connection 2

Click on the New Client that is in the lick, and ensure that the Settings are all turned on. Also ensure that you take note of the Client Secret and Client ID.

zoho connection 3

Webolytics Setup

Log into webolytics, and go to the Admin > Vendors and select the desired vendor > Edit

zoho connection 4

On the edit view, go to the bottom-right, and click on the Edit symbol next to the “Zoho Lead Capture” module.

zoho connection 5

Click the free + box on the top right of the panel, and fill in the form.

Once completed, click ‘Create’.

zoho connection 6

You will now be presented with your saved Connection in Webolytics. Test the connection, to ensure that everything is entered properly. To do this, click on Test Zoho Connection icon to the right of the record.

zoho connection 7

Click 'Test Zoho Connection' on the next page. When this is clicked for the first time, Zoho will ask for authentication against the app. Click ‘Allow’, and the app will have connected successfully.

zoho connection 8

Once the connection is established, you will be able to then map the Webolytics form values to the Zoho field inputs.

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