Zoho Workflow Rules - Verify Lead

In order to send status updates and conversion updates from the leads to Webolytics, workflow rules will need to be created in Zoho which send webhooks back to Webolytics.

Setting up a Verify Lead Workflow

Go to Setup > Workflow Rules, and click ‘Create Rule’.

zoho verify lead 1

On the 1st step of creating the workflow rule, select ‘Lead’ as the module and populate the fields with the following information.

Rule Name: Webosaurus - Verify Lead

Description: Verify or change the lead status within Webolytics of the correlating lead in Zoho

zoho verify lead 2

On the next step, select ‘On Record Action’ and select “Create or Edit” option and “Repeat this workflow whenever a lead is edited”.

zoho verify lead 3

On the next step (Condition 1) set your parameters as appropriate and click “Next”.

On Instant Actions select “Webhook”.

zoho verify lead 4

Click on “New Webhook”.

Note: If you already have a web hook created, but are making a new workflow (for example a workflow to only send certain status’ back to Webolytics) then you can use the existing workflow.

zoho verify lead 5

On the web hook creation form, populate with the following values:

Name: Webolytics - Verify Lead

Description: Verify or change the lead status within webolytics of the correlating lead in zoho

Method: POST

URL to Notify: https://portal.webolytics.com/modules/zoho/verifyLead.php

Module Parameters:
zohoID -> Leads -> Lead ID
publishedStatus -> Leads -> Lead ID

Module Parameters:
VID -> Add_Your_Vendor_ID_Here

Once finished, click ‘Save and Associate’

zoho verify lead 6

Click “Save” to turn on your workflow to verify a lead in Webolytics.

zoho verify lead 7
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