Zapier Form Map Module

The Webolytics Zapier module is a Form Module that’s allows for posting directly to a Zap in Zapier.

Creating the Zap

Before a Zapier Module can be added to a form, a Zap will need to be available in Zapier to receive the form submissions. Log into Zapier, and click ‘Create Zap’ at the top of the left navigation.

zapier 1

On The zap creation page, type in “webhooks by zapier” in the search bar, and select the Webhook in the list underneath the search bar.

zapier 2

In the Events select box, select “Catch Hook” and click Continue.

zapier 3

Also, on the next step (Set up Trigger) click Continue. Nothing needs to be changed on this step.

zapier 4

On the Test Trigger step you will see a webhook URL. This will be used later when setting up the module on the form in Webolytics. You will also be instructed to conduct test on the trigger before you can continue.

To test the trigger, open up a posting application (we have used postman in this resource) and post a value through to the webhook url, to ensure that the zap creation can continue.

zapier 5

Go back into Zapier, and click “Test Trigger”. You will now see a success prompt, and a request containing your values posted through to it.

zapier 6

Complete the rest of your Zap, and once finished publish your Zap (for the purposes of this resource, we have integrated into slack)

zapier 7

Creating a Zapier module

Go to the Form Builder, and click on the Edit icon and then the Edit link inside the menu.

zapier 8

On the form that appears, scroll to the bottom-left form modules block. Click the Green ‘+’ button in the Form Conversion Modules Block, and select ‘Zapier Form Map’.

zapier 9

Once created, you will see you new Module in the list on the block. Click the green API icon next to the module to connect the form to zapier.

zapier 10

On the modal window, paste in the webhook link from your Zap in Zapier and click connect

zapier 11

Once a Zapier Module has been created and connected, it will be ready to have the form values in webolytics mapped to it.

In order for the form to push to Zapier, the module will need to have relevant fields mapped to it.

Setting up the Zapier Module

Click the edit icon next to the Zapier module. This will launch a modal window which allows for control of the module.

By default, the module does not push to Zapier. To change this, turn on the Push to API switch in the top right of the modal and click ‘Update’.

zapier 12

To map form fields to the module, click the green ‘+’ icon. On the select option that appears, select the field that you want to be mapped, and the name that it will be pushed through to Zapier and then click the green tick icon.

zapier 13

Repeat the process above until all form fields that you want to be included are present.

zapier 14

The form will now push through to the zapier webhook when a successful lead is submitted. Any leads which fail validation will not be sent through to Zapier.

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