Layout Tags

The Layout Tag allows for organisation of page content on any given page. As an example, a layout tag could be a banner, above fold, below fold or footer section, to all of for content to be relayed to the front end in a more structured format if the need arises.

Creating a Layout Tag

From inside the Site Tags section, click the blue button to the bottom-right of the page, and click on “Add Layout Tag”

Site Tags 1

On the form that appears, give your Layout Tag a desired name, and click “Create”. You can choose to se it a published now, or can come back later and edit the section. Any tags that are not published will not be available on the front end.

Site tags 2

Once created, you will see you new Layout Tag in the list on the page

Site Tags 3

Once a Layout Tag has been created, you can now go into the tag, and start populating it with values that are required.

Creating a Layout Tag

From the Site Tags section, select the tag that you want to start populating by clicking on the View icon to the right of the record

layout tags 4

On the following page, click the Green “+” button on the top-right of the Tag Values block.

Layout Tags 5

Fill in the form with the desired information. The description and Title are for your reference.

Layout Tags 6

Once created, the Value will appear in the list on the right-hand side of the Tag Value page

Layout Tags 7

You can add as many tags as are required for your site tag.

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