Insights Dashboard

To view your insights, select “Insights” from the menu on the left or the top of the page.

The first page you will see is the “Tracking” page. You first see a conversion rate summary, which can be downloaded by clicking the download icon on the right side of “Conversion Rate Summary”.

Insights Dashboard

Following this, you will see a heatmap of your conversions as well as acquisitions. Moving down, you will see a quick view of your top websites and referrers. Finally, the bottom will give you a display of your current running campaigns. This information can also be downloaded.

The “Heatmap” section gives you a more in-depth heatmap of your conversions. Letting you know not only when they occur but highlighting a “Top 3” times on the right. The same also exists for invalid leads at the bottom.

Insights Dashboard - Image 2

“Locations” shows you where all your leads are coming from. Move the interactive map around to get a better idea of the location of your leads. Then zoom in for even more quantitative locational data. Scrolling to the bottom allows you to see a list view of where your leads are coming from.

Insights Dashboard - Image 3

The “Campaigns” section allows you to see which campaigns are performing the best. This information can also be downloaded by clicking the download icon on the right.

Insights Dashboard - Image 4

The “URL PATHS” section allow you to view the top websites while showing the URL, Host, Path and Count of how well each website is performing.

Insights Dashboard - Image 5

Last you have the “Tracking Vertical” section giving you access to view the type of Browser that has been used to access you website, giving the Tracking, the Title, the Value and the count for each type of browser that has been used to access your site or sites.

Insights Dashboard - Image 6
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