Email Validation Module

The Webolytics Email Validation module is a Form Module, which stops fake emails being submitted. Our Email Validation checks for the live email address before allowing the lead to be submitted via the form that the modules is set up on. If there is no live email address, or an email account which has malicious activity or a bounce associated to is is detected, then the lead will not be submitted.

Creating an Email Validation module

Go to the Form Builder, and click on the Edit icon and then the Edit link inside the menu.

deduplication 1

On the form that appears, scroll to the bottom-left form modules block. Click the Green ‘+’ button in the Form Conversion Modules Block, and select ‘Validate Email’.

Email Validation 2

Once created, you will see you new Module in the list on the block

Email Validation 3

Once an Email Validation Module has been created, the form that is has been created on will now only accept valid emails on submission.

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