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To edit your Profile on Webolytics, click the top right button and select “My Profile”.

Edit Profile - Image 2

This is the Profile section, if you’re an affiliate, you will not see the roles section, from here, you can add, edit or delete any of your profile information.

To add you name, click the green addition box next to “user name” select which name you`d like to enter, and then input it above. When complete, either click the tick to add it, or the dustbin to delete.

You can also edit and change your password, to change your password first click on the red bin icon to delete the given Password set up for you.

Then click on the green + button to add a new password then click the green tick button.

If you are an Administrator this is the area where you add and edit Roles,  Passwords and Vendors for your Advertiser/Affiliates.

Edit Profile
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