De-duplication Module

The Webolytics De-duplication module is a Form Module, which stops duplicate leads being submitted. The criteria for the De-duplication is flexible, to allow for concise or broad targeting.

Creating a De-duplication module

Go to the Form Builder, and click on the Edit icon and then the Edit link inside the menu.

deduplication 1

On the form that appears, scroll to the bottom-left form modules block. Click the Green ‘+’ button in the Form Conversion Modules Block, and select ‘De-duplication’.

deduplication 2

Once created, you will see you new Module in the list on the block

deduplication 3

Once a De-duplication Module has been created, you can now go into it and start amending it with values that are required. Each de-duplication module can be individually tailored to the needs of the form it is governing.

Editing a De-duplication module

Click the edit icon next to the de-duplication module that has been created. This will bring up a modal window, which has the parameters that can be controlled for de-duplication.

deduplication 4

On the modal window, de-duplication is split into 2 parts. The left-hand-side controls the rations that the de-duplication is working with, the right-hand side allows for form fields to be mapped against the de-duplication module for more concise targeting. Any form field that is mapped will be validated against in conjunction with the email address that has been submitted. Fill in the form with the desired information. If the De-duplication count is set at ‘0’, then the De-duplication is fixed to an ultra-strict de-duplication and only the 1st lead will be accepted, irrespective of the other criteria that have been added.

deduplication 5

Once amended to your liking, click the “update” button. The form will now have De-duplication assigned against it, adhering to the criteria that has been set on the module.

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