Assigning Vendors to a site

Webolytics Site builder allows you to assign multiple vendors to a site. Assigned vendors provides access to the site for any user who is assigned against the vendor. Assigned vendors can also be re-distributed to more specific areas such as site sections for more granular access.

You can add as many vendors to a site as is necessary

Assigning a new vendor

From your site dashboard, click the view button on the top-right of the Assigned Vendors block

Assigning vendors to a site 1

Once inside the Assigned Vendors section, you will see a list of assigned vendors. If no vendors are currently assigned, you will see a notification that will say “Could not find any Vendors that are assigned against this site”

To assign a new vendor, click the blue button to the bottom-right of the page, and click “Assign Vendor”

Assigning vendors to a site 2

From the dropdown list, select the desired vendor and click “Create”. Your vendor will then appear in the list on the page.

Assigning Vendors to a site 3
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