Assigning Taxonomies to Vendors

Webolytics' System Taxonomies are a powerful tool that allows you to organise and categorise your data in a way that is tailored to your specific needs. You can create any number of taxonomies, and sub-taxonomies, to group your data into meaningful categories.

Assigning Taxonomy Values to Vendors

Go to the Admin>Vendors, and select the vendor that you wish to assign values to and click ‘Edit’.

Assigning Taxonomies to Vendors 1

To the bottom of the main panel, all assigned Taxonomy Sections are displayed.

Assigning Taxonomies to Vendors 2

To assign a Taxonomy Value to the Vendor, click the green ‘+’ button next to the taxonomy section that it sits in. Select the desired Taxonomy Value from the form, and click Create.

Assigning Taxonomies to Vendors 3

Once created, you will see you new Taxonomy in the list on the block. Repeat the process as desired until everything is tagged up to your liking.

Assigning Taxonomies to Vendors 4
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