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Validate Leads in Real Time

Bad data is not only costly but also a drain on time and resources. Phone calls to dead lines, or emails written to leads that bounce can have a big impact on your business. Not only this, but the junk also bloats the CRMs, sometimes to a point that is unsustainable.

Webolytics sits in front of your CRM and/or database to block bad leads and only pass through clean, contactable leads that you value.

Deduplication Checks
Country Whitelists
Fraud Detection
Email Validation
Phone Validation
Monitor - Customer
Monitor - Customer

Targeted Tracking

You can report on your leads based on the core channels such as search, social, display or email as you see the results they generate.

See how your marketing activity is performing at a granular level. You can track publisher, site or data provider performance, which in turn will help you to optimise your campaigns in realtime to give maximum activity performance.

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Monitor and Phone - Reports
Monitor and Phone - Reports

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